Elite User Manual


Lafabs lahses consists of 2 lashes per eye that sandwich over your natural lash to create a beautiful natural appearance. First, determine the magnet side and the lash side of each lash in order to correctly load them on to the applicator.



It’s necessary to correctly place the lashes into the applicator. You can retrieve them from the compact, which has lash ID’s in each cavity, and directly place onto applicator. If the lashes get mixed up, it’s easy to figure out. With the lash magnets facing each other and the lashes curling up and flowing in the same direction, pair the lashes with the white dots in the left magnet together and do the same for the right side. Now you will know upper lash and lower lash for each eye.


Apply the upper lash of a pair to the upper magnet of applicator. Then apply the matching lower lash. Be sure the magnet side of the lashes face each other. The lashes need to face in and curl up once on the applicator.  Keep the applicator open untill applying.


With the applicator open, raise it to your eye at the angle shown above, and gently rest the upper arm above your natural lash, fully touching your eyelid. Now close the bottom arm, then open and pull away.

Tip: Aim to align the end of the white dot with the outer corner of your eye.


Remove the lashes using both hands by gently pulling away starting from the inner edge of the lash, then store them into the designated place in the compact.


Lafabs are adjustable to provide that custom fit look. After applying, simply look into the mirror to determine how much, if any, to snip off. Then remove from your eye and snip off the amount that exceeds your eye width.


1. The lashes are delicate. Always be gentle when handling.
2. Store in a cool and dry place, avoiding high temperature.
3. If your natural lashes are short, you may strengthen them with mascara first.
4. Eyelashes should not be cleaned with product containing alcohol, wet wipes and other similar products.
5. Lafabs are so thin that when they do pair they can be confused as a single lash.