LaFabs Premium Magnetic Eyelashes - Dual Pack

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LaFabs Soft Magnet™ eyelashes are feather light and ultra comfortable. The lashes are hand woven from the finest materials known. The patented magnet design is unlike any other, allowing for light flexible lashes to conform to your eye shape. Application is a breeze using our ergonomically designed applicator. LaFabs Soft Magnet™ patented eyelashes are ultra thin, lightweight and flexible, allowing them to comfortably conform to your eye shape. LaFabs lashes are hand woven from the finest materials known to create a naturally beautiful appearance. LaFabs kit includes two full sets of magnetic lashes, a specially designed applicator and a mirrored compact.

Please note that lashes are shipped together for each eye. You will need to separate to wear. LaFabs applicator has simple 'match the dots' system to insure the right lash is in the right place. Video demonstration scan link provided in instruction book.